pull tabs...yes, pull tabs

Cat food...Don'tcha wonder what they really put in that stuff? I do. and I don't even bother to repress a shudder when I try to imagine what part of the CowChickenPigTurkeyFish actually looks like that. So today when I opened that super yummy can of "whitefish" i perused the label a little, not imagining that my best LOL of the day might come from the side of a cat food can.

Yes, for those isolated souls, who've been raised in self-sustained oceanic ecodomes, or for those terran pioneers who set up the first martian colony 45 years ago, purina has taken it upon itself to assist us in the comprehension of the ever-enigmatic pull top:

Yes, indeed - that's right up there with the "do not eat" label printed onto pillows of desiccant. ARE WE REALLY SO STUPID??? Hm...judging from the last election, perhaps yes.

And while on the topic of pull-tabs, today my sister sent me a forwarded-forwarded-forwarded-forward of images with accompanying comical commentary, that had been cut from a 1977 jc penney catalog.

the person's commentary on the image to the left: What. The. Hell. I'm guessing the snap front gives you quick access to the chest hair. The little tie must be the pull tab.

see?? pull tabs are good for more than opening cat food cans. and yes, there was commentary on the second image as well, but who needs it? it's no challenge to notice the visual confusion of arm/hand/pocket, and of course the matching coffee cup

And now this: 

Yes, it's a peanut...I bet you thought it was going to be a pull tab.

Good night world.