I am a visual artist and analog photographer, and have been creating mixed media artworks since 1986.  My work has been exhibited nationally, won numerous awards, and has been featured in photography publications such as Diffusion, Shots, B&W Magazine, and Bokeh as well as in literary journals such as Calyx. 

I currently teach darkroom photography at PCC and at Clackamas Community College.

I've lived in cities all across the country, and was raised in Germany.  In 1996 I landed in Portland, Oregon, and live and work in my small but VERY sassy house, which you can see below. 

Wanna check out the resumé?  Oh, so exciting...it's here.



Please email me here:  smith@smitheliot.com

To inquire about any of the work on this website, to acquire or license an image, to hire me for a project, or to tell me your story about Dammasch State Hospital, please contact me at the email address above.

You can also email me to say hi...or better yet, SURPRISE ME!  :)

My home and art studio since 2001. 

My home and art studio since 2001.