I am getting a chance to finish and exhibit my "Ghost Ships" project at Wolff Gallery!  I am so delighted!   It's not for another year, as my dates are for February and March of 2018, but I am already beginning to weave ideas around the possibilities.  

Hill House

Hill House

I have so many images.  During the studio visit Shannon said, "Wow, that's beautiful!  (indicating a framed photo) I didn't see it on your website."  Well, it's not on my website, and I got to wondering:  What percentage of my photos is not on display on my main page?  The number is big...maybe 75% of my work is not posted here.  And I do keep meaning to add more images, but then I don't really love crafting web pages.  and i DO really love crafting items in my home!  and so it goes...

The image above won't be one of the Ghost Ships simply because the format won't fit into my antique frames.  I'm using oval and "octagon" style convex glass frames.  And will also be crafting sculptural items for a shelf.  Feathers falling from hands.  Antique photo albums with ships and passing forms...old pottery shards.  I was thinking it might be fun to recreate a wall out of scavenged house parts, but we will see about that. 

*** *** ***

On another note, the universe is putting interesting people in my life right now.  I really like my penpal.  He's older than me -in his 70's and I believe has a different kind of background.  When was the last time somebody wanted to chat with me about Henry Miller and Rainer Rilke?  It's been a long time.  Anyhow, I find him interesting and sensitive and human.  I hope he likes my letter enough to write back.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have met a really wonderful person in his 30's who, among other things, teaches the flying trapese!! I mean really?  yep.  I've seen photos. 

Date tonight with Amanda.  We got some srs bzns to talk about!