Another year is underway. I spent the summer working on non-art things. I painted the other side of the house (it looks awesome), got a lot of work done on the garage, gardened and am still reaping the last little rewards from that. There is so much to do here! and no time at all to do it. I get tired more quickly than I used to and by the end of the work day, I am totally beat. Tonight I got home from work, sat down, and . . .


yup. that’s about it.

I went to the gym on Wednesday for my weekly date with the best trainer on the planet! In the middle of our session he was trying to explain a new movement in which I was supposed to poke my chest out at the end of a rope pull. I made some comment about breasts poking out -just being silly- but my comment broke open a conversation about the Kavenaugh/Ford situation. I wasn’t surprised by his opinion. And though I do know that losers exist who don’t see it like I do, I’m fortunate not to know a single one of them.

Christine Blasey Ford is believable beyond the shadow of a doubt. What she’s gone through —having to sit in that room surrounded by old conservative men -being judged by them the entire time- having her story and her life splashed across all news fora, the embarrassing, mean-spirited behavior of our tacky AF President, mocking her in a public gathering… Really, I feel so little allegiance to this country right now. …I’ve now heard that it is likely that Kavenaugh will be confirmed. what does this even say about our country?

I like Cory Booker and I hope he runs for President.