My garden

Gosh, I love my garden.  I do wonder, though, if I should take the reams of time I spend there and apply them to gardening at my home...soooooo shady here, because yes:  I already gardened the living f**k out of this place.  LOL!  Also, didn't know what I was planting (15 years ago) and some of my plants that were supposed to be bushes, actually turned out to be taller than my trees!

Anyhow.  In my very weed-cluttered back yard I have: 

At my community garden I have decided to structure the design of the plots to what's already there.  Meaning, I have a zucchini volunteer -very healthy looking- I don't know if it will produce good fruits, but I'd like to see.  I have strawberries in a mound...I didn't put those there intentionally, rather, when I cleared an abandoned plot last year, I grabbed a few and put them in a conveniently located empty spot.  Those are doing well, and will stay.  I cut a path around their mound, and everything is/will be patched-in at odd angles.  I like that a lot -it has a natural feel to it.  Also, once I get the beds established this year, I can over-winter things properly and NOT have to re-till the entire thing AGAIN, because this is Year 2 of major digging and weeding.

Another thing:  everything is mixed up.  So the tomatoes live next to irises live next to Echinacea.  and there are no rows.  I don't like rows.  It's like Hitler came and forced the plants to line up and be straight.  no.  Patches, yes.  Rows, no.

My students gave me plants this year.  It'll make me happy to see those come to life.