Nectars, 2016
Wished to be the Moon, 2016
Untethered Pearls, 2015
Remember, 2016
Buried, 2016
Dust, 2015
Falling Leaves, 2013
The Dream Whisperers, 2009
Distant Kin, 2016
Ode to Dorian Gray, 2016
16 Barbs to the Back, 2010
The Birch and the Bees, 2015
Baby Bone Box, 2015
Smallest Window in the World, 2015
Closet, 2015
Interchangeable Faces, 2013
The Book of Hurt n Healing, 2013
Square Pegs, 2009
Second Thoughts, 2010
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leavin it with border.jpg
Hosk and Bea with border.jpg
Glass Ceiling with border.jpg
missing sister with border.jpg
The Wound with border.jpg
look there i am with border.jpg
dissastified momopod with border.jpg
All I Can Remember is the Kitchen Floor WEB.jpg
Empty Planet WEB copy.jpg
No Bones About It WEBblack edge.jpg
The day my face fell off WEB.jpg
Dim View of the Future with border.jpg
Wriggled Away WEB.jpg
boy tamer with border.jpg
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