"Sticks n Stones"
16. Tree.jpg
13. One Fish Two Fish.jpg
23. Per Spiritum.jpg
Erasing Ellen
"Cissa's Teddy"
"Hand Out"
18. Veritas.jpg
"Closets n Cubby Holes"
"The Voices of our Ancerstors"
"The Taxidermist"
"Unlikely Bedfellow"
"My Sister's Sentinel"
"Narcissa at 4"
"Hanging Ivy"
"Ha Ha"
"What You See Is Not What You Get"
"March 3rd"
15. Untitled with Teeth and Toes.jpg
17. Life.jpg
19. Gnosis.jpg
20. The Diary of Betsy Miller.jpg
21. What She Said to me Last Night Between Midnight and the Sheets.jpg
22. Hatbaby.jpg
24. Family Tree.jpg
Just As I Am.jpg
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